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Not gonna lie here, I usually don't give 5 stars to a game, but holy crap man! this one deserved each and every single one of them! I'ts a shame to see so many people complaining about the game's difficulty, the fact that it's THIS tedious is what makes it so good, and it makes me really sad to see so many people not seeing this, I don't feel like the actual score they gave to this game is doing any justice.

It really feels like an old NES game, and I can totally see the Ghouls n' Ghosts vibe, up to the spamming enemies. Also, am a HUGE Resident Evil fan, and I started with 4, finding a fanmade game as good as this one is pretty rare.

Well! I feel I said everything I had to say about the game, so I'll stop here before I start repeating myself, I have to say though, I just checked out the rest of your games, and again, they are pretty good! you've got a lot of skills in this, and your should keep sharpening them! I know just a simple comment in NG may not be enough motivation, but please don't get discouraged, as I said, finding someone who can make a game that feels like its really from the the NES era is pretty hard.

Cheers man! ;D and keep doing what you're doing!

Gypopothomas responds:

Whoa! Thanks a lot, man! Loved reading this! Don't worry about the people complaining about difficulty, I love those comments! Haha! They charge my drive to make even harder games!

This is a really poorly made game really, not exactly the most responsive controls and there's constant lag in it, it clearly need a lot of improvement but I'm sure that if you spend enough time on it you can make something good out of it.

tedquach responds:

Thank you for your response.

Well this is... a game, maybe gameplay-wise it's not exactly the best of them, but though the art is poorly made, the concepts of the main character and the enemies are actually pretty good, I'm sure that if you spend some more time on it, eventually it could be a fairly good game ^^ so don't get discouraged!

Great game! Though the performance may sometimes be affected by the amount of particles effect (I'm sure that's just my PC being a jerk though), I like the style gameplay-wise and visuals, and I gotta say, that soundtrack is amazing! congratulations to whoever did it!

Enphiam responds:

I was worried the vfx might've been too much for a browser game but I'm glad you liked it! Credit to the music creators and thanks for the feedback!

What a nice and soothing game! I love this type of games and you did it really well, I hope it gets updated so we can have more levels and more variety, but as it is, it's still great ^^ very good job!

PatrickZochAlves responds:

Thank you very much for your comment! It's true that for now it's very small and not very polished, but I really didn't knew if the community would appreciate the core mechanic. Your kind of comment motivates me to continue development and make many more challenges, so thanks again!

This looked like a boring game at first but it's pretty decent! the difficulty curve is really well made, I think if this gets updated it could be a really good game, nice work! :D

Maybe it's a simple solitaire game but its a really well made one, the animations are good enough and there were no bugs (at least none that I could see), overall is a good game to pass the time, well done!

It still needs a lot of content, but taking to consideration this is just an early access I'm sure it can be a pretty good game after some updates if you spend enough time into it, good work so far!

Well, to be fair it's a bit slow and there is no singleplayer mode, but in the other hand the game mechanics work and it gets to the point of a chess match so I think it's good enough to be in the site, though it could be updated.

Well it's not really "good", but that's just because it doesn't look like there was enough effort put into it, but the idea is pretty good, I'm sure that with a bit of time you can create a fully developed game :3

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