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Goddamn Tomar, your voice range is way higher than I thought, good on ya! It's great to see you still being active 'round these parts and willing to lend a hand to the newer artists as well.

Great debut! your animating style is amazing and clearly a lot of work went into it! the voice acting although not the best it's still pretty solid and I know its actually pretty hard to do it, so overall this was a really pleasant video, here's hoping to see more of your work!

BigCronch responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Nero Geist is the animator behind this one, and he done a great job!

I love this so much!
The characters designs are great and your comedic timing is impecable!
Can't wait to see more of this amazing work!

ChutneyGlaze responds:

you bet guy more on the way!

Que buena animación! Los personajes son bien variados y los actores de voces son muy buenos, el humor esta perfecto también y los diseños de cada uno son bastante originales! muy buen trabajo! ^^

Though the animation is good and there's a lot of effort in each frame, I think this one got a bit downplayed because of the voice acting from the other characters, while the main one is good enough the secondary ones speak too softly and it's hard to understand what they're saying, other than that, good work ^^

This is a nice little stop motion video, the flow and smoothness of the animation is really good in some parts of it, and if we consider the fact that making a stop-motion video is a pretty complicated and tedious process, I'd say this is a pretty good work, nice ^^

Hey, I actually think this animation was beautiful, sure it's a silent one, but I think that's actually for the best in an animation such as this one, the lack of voices makes the viewer understand the character by their actions and reactions, giving the whole thing a more surreal feeling, I really like your work and I'd love to see more of this sometime c: so don't get discouraged just because you couldn't get voice actors back then, I know it's just an opinion but I think it made it even better, and you can always get one now if you want, Newgrounds is full of voice actors!
Great work man ^^

sadtape responds:

Can't tell you how much I appreciate this feedback. Very relieving to read. I really hope to start engaging with the community here and start working with other artists!

Wow! If it weren't for the low frames, I would've genuinely thought this was a TV show, looks really good! Each drawing is really well made and the idea albeit not the most original (for now) still looks interesting enough to become its own thing, but don't get discouraged! this looks really good and I'd love to see more of it!

LilBruno responds:

Yea it's just an animatic, it'd be nice to have the time to do an actual animation. Glad you like it!

While the animation is nothing out of this world (no pun intended) the background of the city is actually pretty well made! You should really explore your talent in doing those, I think you might have something there!

zbyszek responds:

"Animation is nothing out of this world..." but aliens are :)

This looks really promising! the artstyle in the games from what I could see looked great and the games seemed to have enough variety and were not just similar products, nice work!

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